The best banana flour gluten free sweets at Made’s Banana Flour Co., in Bali!

Have you ever tried glutenfree baked goods made with banana flour? Well, if you haven’t (but even if you have) and you’re in Bali, you can’t miss Made’s Banana Flour Co.!

Bali is an amazing island to visit – or to live in. I came here in 2017 for the first time, went back in March 2018 and now I’m here again… you can’t help but falling in love with it, for so many reasons – and I have to say that the many gluten free options are one of those!

Made’s Banana Flour Co. is my favourite bakery – it was born in Canggu, but now they also have quite a few cafes spread around the island of Bali so you can enjoy their 100% gluten free products wherever you are. Not only they are safe for celiacs: they are also delicious! I couldn’t live them without them by now… and Made’s smile is contagious, isn’t it?!

banana flour benefits

Banana flour benefits for you to enjoy in Bali


I found out about this incredible completely gluten free bakery when I first visited Canggu. It happened by chance, while I was actually looking for another place. One of the best surprises I could hope for!

The original bakery is tiny, with a spread of gluten free sweets that look (and taste) delightful. But that’s not all about it: you can also find savory goods and different kinds of bread… but I’ll talk about this in a minute.

Now I want to focus on another topic: banana flour benefits.

You have to know that Made, the founder of the bakery, is an expert of banana flour – specifically: flour made with green bananas, that are not ripe yet. They are dried and turned into flour – and no, it doesn’t actually taste like banana.

Banana flour is rich in resistant starch, that doesn’t give you glycemic peaks and that makes you feel full for a longer time. It’s also a prebiotic, which improves the health of your gut and consequently of the hole body. It contains a lot of vitamins and mineral salts, that make it easier for the antioxidants to be absorbed and to fulfill their function. Last but not least, research showed that banana flour decreases the risk of obesity, diabetes and colon cancer.

And besides all this: it’s so good! Even better when it’s used by Made and his bakers, that can create heavenly bites out of it…

banana flour glutenfree eclair

Made’s exquisite gluten free banana flour goods

In time, I’ve tried many of the delicacies offered by this bakery – but since you never stop learning I’m sure I will try more… it’s a hard job but someone has to do it!

Every time I came to Bali – and every time I go to Made’s Banana Flour Co. bakery, I buy a whole lot of sweet and savory goods and I honestly can’t choose my favourites, because all of them are really enjoyable.

The gluten free sweets range from croissants to tarts with different flavors (custard, cheesecake, fruit, lemon meringue…), to cookies, éclairs, different kinds of cakes (brownies, banana bread, carrot cake…), macarons and other treats.

The savory goods include pasties filled with chicken&leak, beef rendang (a kind of Indonesian stew), mushrooms and so on, or meat and vegetarian pies.

And then there’s bread too! Different kinds of toast bread (white, brown, spirulina or cereals) but even buns with the same flavors.

banana flour glutenfree brownies

Well, if I really have to choose the best products, then I would say brownies, vanilla éclair, banana bread, chocolatine croissant and lava cake – while on the savory side the winner is the chicken&leek pasty.

If you want to take a banana flour souvenir back home – or if you’re lucky enough to live here in Bali for a while like me and you have an oven – at Made’s bakery you can also find some convenient and very good pre-mixed flours for brownies, cakes, tortillas, bread, pizza and now also pasta!

You can have breakfast at their bakery in Canggu with pancakes, waffles, French toasts, avocado toasts and so on – not to mention the great coffee! The other option is to visit any of their cafes in Bali, where you will also be able to taste pizza and other dishes, or the restaurants they pair up with – like The Birds and the Bees in Ubud, where I went for the opening (and I honestly can’t wait to go back). Made’s products are “hidden” in many restaurants and cafes in the Canggu area, so just pay attention and you’ll be able to eat gluten free delicious food very often… of course you should also follow me on Instagram, where I post every gluten free finding I have!

mades banana flour co bakery bali

So what do you think: is it time to try gluten free banana flour baked goods? I totally think it is… let’s all meet at Made’s Banana Flour Co.!

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