Coffee and Coconuts: fall in love with Bali coffee

If you know a little bit of my story (maybe Italian friends know it better), you also know that I shouldn’t drink coffee. This is not the place to explain why, but feel free to leave a comment if you’re curious.

The thing is that not only Bali is the Island of Gods – it’s also the land of coffee! You can imagine how hard it is for me to resist it, since I actually love it. I’ve been here for five months now, and I tried to fight my desire for coffee with all my strength… but yesterday, at Coffee and Coconuts, I finally decided to give up and surrender to it.

Why yesterday and how was Coffee and Coconuts involved? Let me explain…

coffee and coconuts beans

Coffee and Coconuts Bali: coffee’s heaven

Coffee and Coconuts is a café-restaurant-coffee temple with two locations: one in Amsterdam and one in Canggu, Bali.

The one in Bali has been on my list (you know I have a list of eateries to visit, right?) since it opened in November, but for many different reasons I still didn’t get the chance to go there.

Things changed yesterday morning, when I attended a masterclass called “Coffee and the soul of place” – held at Coffee and Coconuts, of course.

The speaker was Daniel Humphries, raised in Seattle but who travelled the world for the sake of coffee – and who’s been the coffee consultant at Coffee and Coconuts for the last 6 months. The (super fascinating) topic was how the land of farming impacts the flavor of coffee.

I was hypnotized by Daniel’s words for a couple hours, and I can say I wouldn’t mind listening to him for double that time. He shared with us his stories about coffee farmers around the world, he explained us how earth, water, air and fire influence the coffee beans and their flavor… but most of all he shared his passion for anything coffee.

His knowledge of the topic was huge – but his passion was even bigger. Listening to him talk was a real pleasure, besides being a way to learn what’s “behind the scenes” of a good cup of coffee – and believe me, there’s a whole lot of stuff that we never take into consideration!

I will definitely pay a lot more attention to every smell and scent, whenever I drink coffee from now on… because, yes: yesterday’s event at Coffee and Coconuts made me understand that I should take the opportunity to enjoy more Bali coffee, now that I’m here.

coffee and coconuts bali daniel humphries masterclass

When Bali coffee equals drinkable passion

During the masterclass at Coffee and Coconuts, we had the chance to taste three different coffees. We also “played” an interesting game while doing it: for each of them, we had to write two words on a piece of paper. One word about the flavor, and one to describe the coffee without referring to flavor – Daniel called it the “poetic” word.

I love tastings because of my curious attitude: I spend some time just smelling and then I taste with attention, in order to guess the hidden scents and flavors.
I also love words, so you can imagine how I enjoyed this kind of game we played.

Oh, I forgot to mention: it was a blind tasting – we didn’t know anything about the coffee before sipping it.

The first one was not really my thing – a bit too sour.
The second one was absolutely good: I tasted chocolate in it, and I found it was very hygge – the perfect coffee to drink in the winter, with a blanket on your lap and a good book in your hands.
Then the third one came and I couldn’t stop smelling it: I had the feeling it somehow smelled like lemongrass, although it sounds strange. Then I tasted it and the flavor was both indescribable and familiar.

When Daniel asked which one was our favorite, I was not sure whether to choose the second or the third one… then something irrational inside me said the third.

And guess what? That was Bali coffee!
(In case you’re wondering, the first one was from Rwanda and the second from Ethiopia.)

coffee and coconuts roasting
Edi listening to the coffee beans crack

Of course, the third one was not a random Bali coffee: it was the coffee that Daniel and his team selected for Coffee and Coconuts. It comes from Bali Beans plantations in Kintamani, and it’s roasted in the same exact place where we had the masterclass.

Actually, I stayed at Coffee and Coconuts longer, because I wanted to see the process. That’s how I got the chance to talk to Edi and Fadel, who explained me a whole lot of things while they were roasting the coffee beans. In their eyes I could see the same passion spark that I saw also in Daniel’s eyes.

These guys really treat coffee beans as if they were the most precious thing on Earth. They know their history, they know how to treat them – both with roasting and brewing – and they absolutely love them.

You can feel it.
And you can taste it.

I already liked Bali coffee before yesterday, but the feeling grew bigger.
I can’t resist: when I see passion, I fall in love.

I guess a bag of the Bali washed coffee roasted at Coffee and Coconuts will fit into my backpack when I leave the island…

…and I suggest you to go there if you want to taste some drinkable passion.

(Oh, by the way, their menu is also full of gluten free dishes – pancakes included: no excuses not to visit!)

coffee and coconuts gluten free pancakes

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