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If you know a little bit of my story (maybe Italian friends know it better), you also know that I shouldn’t drink coffee. This is not the place to explain why, but feel free to leave a comment if you’re curious. The thing is that not only Bali is the Island of Gods – it’s also the land of coffee! You can imagine how hard it is for me to resist it, since I actually love it. I’ve been here for five months now, and I tried to fight my desire for coffee with all my strength… but yesterday, at Coffee and Coconuts, I finallyScopri di più!

gluten free barcelona

After gluten free Copenhagen and 100% gluten free restaurants in Bali, here’s another nomad post: gluten free in Barcelona! This was another solo trip I took last year, for a few days, in order to discover a city that I had never visited before – to be honest, I had never been anywhere in Spain. In Europe, I’ve always been attracted by Scandinavian countries… but this time I wanted to try something different and see how it felt. I chose Barcelona, “capital city” of Catalunya, for its cultural and architectural abundance – and I ended up falling in love with Gaudì: he’s an absolute genius!Scopri di più!

100% gluten free restaurants in Bali

Finding restaurants in Bali that offer gluten free options is pretty easy – that’s why I consider it a gluten free heaven! Most of the traditional Indonesian dishes are naturally gluten free, which makes things good enough already, but in places like Ubud or Canggu it gets even better. It’s very common to find menus with openly marked gluten free options – even bread, pizza or desserts! I can basically say that for me, gluten intolerant, it’s easier to eat out in Bali than in Italy! Who would’ve thought, right? Sadly, celiac people have a harder life because of cross contamination – which doesn’t affectScopri di più!

mades banana flour co bakery bali

Have you ever tried glutenfree baked goods made with banana flour? Well, if you haven’t (but even if you have) and you’re in Bali, you can’t miss Made’s Banana Flour Co.! Bali is an amazing island to visit – or to live in. I came here in 2017 for the first time, went back in March 2018 and now I’m here again… you can’t help but falling in love with it, for so many reasons – and I have to say that the many gluten free options are one of those! Made’s Banana Flour Co. is my favourite bakery – it was born in Canggu,Scopri di più!

When I told my friends that I was about to leave for a short trip to Copenhagen, everyone more or less said: “Great city, but… fill up your credit card before leaving!” We all know that, in general, northern Europe is not known for being cheap, but the Danish capital is considered particularly expensive – they say that a sandwich there costs like a full restaurant dinner in Italy, not to mention the astronomical cost of hotels, public transport and museums. Ok, I’m not saying that it’s the cheapest place on earth, but I’d like to reassure all the Scandinavia-lovers (like me) that want toScopri di più!

gluten free copenhagen cinnamon roll

This year I didn’t celebrate New Year’s Eve as usual, but I did it in the best possible way: packing a suitcase. I had dinner alone, went to bed without even waiting for midnight, woke up early on New Year’s day andleft with the first flight to explore gluten free Copenhagen! I really longed for that trip, for many different reasons but mainly because beginning 2017 leaving on my own to explore a city I didn’t know looked like the perfect start – and it was indeed! If there’s something I can undoubtedly say is that in Copenhagen I had some pretty delicious food! IScopri di più!

Quest’anno, per la prima volta, sono andata a visitare il Sigep, la fiera del gelato e della pasticceria che si tiene a Rimini. Per quanto sapessi che si tratta di un salone internazionale importantissimo, avevo sottostimato la sua portata: quando mi sono resa conto di quanto enorme fosse ho avuto un mancamento! Tant’è che, nel mio pomeriggio di visita, penso di averne anche saltate a pié pari alcune parti… ma vi giuro che facevo fatica ad orientarmi. Paese dei balocchi per gli addetti ai lavori del settore food, di sicuro non dispiace anche al codazzo di familiari e curiosi che possono assaggiare gelati e prelibatezzeScopri di più!

La vita è un continuo evolversi. Questo blog è nato 5 anni fa come Fool for Food e ha seguito la mia storia lungo tutto questo periodo. E’ cambiato con me, e riflette la mia voglia – o esigenza? – di continuare muovermi, studiare, approfondire, crescere, appassionarmi, ampliare i miei orizzonti. Così è nata l’idea di questa nuova versione – di me stessa e del blog. Aumenteranno le tipologie di contenuti, come il nuovo nome lascia intuire: Eat – perché il cibo è un alleato, un amico, un piacere quotidiano. Vorrei usare questo spazio per far capire agli scettici che mangiare senza glutine ma conScopri di più!