Gluten free Copenhagen: 11 (+) food spots!

This year I didn’t celebrate New Year’s Eve as usual, but I did it in the best possible way: packing a suitcase. I had dinner alone, went to bed without even waiting for midnight, woke up early on New Year’s day andleft with the first flight to explore gluten free Copenhagen!

I really longed for that trip, for many different reasons but mainly because beginning 2017 leaving on my own to explore a city I didn’t know looked like the perfect start – and it was indeed!

gluten free copenhagen

If there’s something I can undoubtedly say is that in Copenhagen I had some pretty delicious food!

I got ready before leaving, looking for gluten free places and writing down a list (btw, tip: mark them on the map that you’ll be using, so you will immediately see them and will be able to reach them easily when needed). I tried many of them, but I also found out new possibilities that I didn’t have in my “archive”.

The feeling I had was that Copenhagen is the heaven of “positive eating”: there are so many healthy&tasty options that you will feel like in pleasure island. Besides, I have the impression that most of the restaurants are well informed about gluten free, so they can help you eat safely.

In this article I will tell you about my gluten free Copenhagen, hoping to make life easier for those who are planning to visit the Danish capital – I’m sure that many of you will be drooling and wanting to go there asap!


Souls is a vegan restaurant that can make a gluten free version of all the dishes.

Open from the morning to the evening – not til very late, but it’s suitable for dinner. The location (which is not in the center but in the Osterbro neighborhood, close to Nordhavn station) is really cute, minimal but with a beautiful “green” sign on the main wall, suffused lights and small tables one next to the other.

You’ll find young, nice waiters, very willing to answer every question, passionate about their job and eager to make their products at their best.
I ordered a Mexican burger (quite spicy!), with a tasty vegan patty and gluten free black bread covered in toasted seeds, with sweet potato fries, some raw veggies and a truffle sauce on the side. A certainly satisfying dish which was also super tasty! It costed around 20€ but it deserved them all.
I only regret that I didn’t have time to go back and try their brunch pancakes!

gluten free copenhagen souls

Andersen Bakery

The famous Andersen bakery and bar is located opposite the central station, next to one of the entrances of the Tivoli Gardens. It’s a big place, refined but populated also (or mainly) by tourists, so don’t feel bad if you go there dressed like a yeti because it’s super cold outside and maybe the sun hasn’t risen yet.

The counters with “normal” food are huge, while the gluten free options are essentially two (I think they’re always the same): a mini chocolate mousse cake or an almond cone filled with hazelnut cream. Be aware that these sweets, even if they’re gluten free, are kept in the same counter as the glutinous ones so there could be a cross contamination.

The cone I got, anyway, was a total pleasure so if you don’t mind cross contamination I absolutely suggest you to try it! The cost is around 5€ – not cheap but average for the city.

gluten free copenhagen andersen bakery


Palaeo has more than one location in the city: I tried the one in Torvehallerne, Copenhagen’s food market. It’s ideal for a fast, super healthy, fanciful, paleo and glutenfree meal!

I chose an egg-wrap (a kind of burrito made with a frittata instead of a tortilla) with smoked salmon, avocado and vegetables. Depending on how hungry you are, you could maybe have two of them. I actually was fine with one… but then, right before dinner time, I got so hungry that I could have eaten my boyfriend (if only I had one). It’s also true that I walked 11 hours in the cold weather that day, so I burnt lots of calories!

Anyway, my wrap cost around 9€, pretty fair price for a quick lunch.

This small chain also sells its gluten free products to the city’s 7 Elevens – and I will tell you more later.

gluten free copenhagen palaeo


Dop is another perfect option for quick meals that don’t hinder you during your exploration of the city are these tiny foodtrucks: there are two of them, both in the city center, not very far from one another.

Also in this case it’s a high quality fast food, that offers organic hot dogs: all the sausages are gluten free, the bread isn’t (but apparently it’s very good), but the sauces are and above all the two mashes are – one is potatoes and other roots and the second one is a kale mash.

Everything was super flavorful and tasty: finally a street food we can eat! It’s nice to have it once in a while. Moreover, it’s another good option to cut the food costs: with less than 5€ you will have a light meal, but you could also get two hot dogs and you still spend absolutely less than at a restaurant!

gluten free copenhagen dop


This bakery, Naturbageriet, is a little jewel. Adorable. The owner is a small and kind Danish man who was surprised when he heard that people write about his place online.

The first time I went there I chose a gluten free cinnamon roll and another pastry covered in poppy seeds, both typical of Denmark. I liked them so much that I went back after two days and got another cinnamon roll, but also a small focaccia pizza and a seeds cracker to take to the airport.

The prices are quite low: from 80 cents for the cracker, to 1€ for the pastries, to the 2,50€ for the pizza… absolutely lower than here in Italy. And I have to say that everything was really good.

The only problem is that, also in this case, the gluten free products aren’t kept apart from the glutinous ones – so if you’re celiac maybe it’s not the best, but for the gluten sensitives like me it’s heaven!

gluten free copenhagen naturbageriet

42 Raw

Located in a small street right in the city center, 42 Raw serves vegan, gluten free and sometimes raw dishes the whole day long.

From the superfood breakfast (I still regret that I couldn’t try their matcha bowl) to the sandwiches, salads or pizzas for lunch, to the sweets and colorful smoothies… even this place is the kingdom of positive, healthy, lively and tasty eating.

I chose a sandwich with black gluten free bread covered in seeds (I love it so much!), avocado and hummus – the best hummus I’ve ever had! It made me want to lick the plate – not joking. On the side, I ordered sweet potatoes and an excellent aioli sauce. The best way ever to spend 16€: as soon as I finished eating, I wanted to start all over again – even if I was actually full.

If I lived in Copenhagen I would go there every day!

gluten free copenhagen 42 raw


Tight is a real, elegant and cozy restaurant, perfect for a relaxed dinner after a long tourist day – also because it’s right in the city center, so very easy to reach.

I read online that the gluten free options are marked on the menu: it’s actually not true, but my waiter (besides being very handsome) was perfectly informed and told me which dishes were already gluten free and which could be changed upon request (almost everything, basically).

I chose a salmon fillet with season vegetables and lemon beurre blanc that – for the second time during my holiday – made me want to lick the plate. Then I surrendered to the dessert temptation – it was my last evening and I wanted to treat myself – and I tried the crème brulée, that was excellent too. I spent a bit more than 30€ total, which is not cheap but not even expensive considering the average prices in Copenhagen.

I suggest you to visit this place, above all if you are with your partner… but it’s good also by yourself, after all!

gluten free copenhagen tight


Besides offering the usual beverages that we all know, as well as free wifi and tourist-saving toilets (but note that in Copenhagen all the toilets of this kind of places have a code, so you need to buy something or to have the cheek to ask), in some of the Starbucks they also offer gluten free food.

In this case I didn’t find the salads I ate in the USA, but I saw and later tried some brownies – very good, I have to say, even if not super cheap (3,60€ each). Also in this case, though, they’re kept in the same counter as the glutinous food. Apart from this, if you have a sudden hole in your stomach that needs to be filled, they’re ok.

7 Eleven

If you have already been in a Scandinavian country, you already know how common 7 Elevens are there.

They basically are minimarkets that offer fresh or packed food, beverages, newspapers… that kind of place that is perfect in the early morning or to grab a quick meal during lunchbreak. So, I remembered them as the kingdom of cheap junk food, although a scented one (if there’s something adorable about northern European countries it’s the smell that comes from these places, imho).

But hey, surprise! A whole lot of shelves in the refrigerators are dedicated to healthy food, most of it even gluten free, thanks to the collaboration with Palaeo, that supplies them. You will find sweet treats (like cinnamon rolls and brownies), yoghurt with fruit and granola, fresh squeezed juices, nuts snacks, sandwiches and salads – some of them also vegan.

Everything is quite cheap – cheaper than in bars for sure: with just a few euros you can have breakfast or a healthy, light and – based on my experience – tasty meal! I’ve always liked 7 Elevens, but these Copenhagen ones… I loved them. If only we could have places like this here and there in our Italian cities!

gluten free copenhagen 7eleven

The Coffee Collective

The Coffee Collective isn’t a gluten free suggestion, but I want to give you this information anyway: if you love coffee, you absolutely have to try it.

They have different locations, among which one at Torvehallerne food market, perfect to grab a cup of black and aromatic coffee before starting the day. They offer different kinds of coffee and they will explain them to you in detail so that you can choose the one you prefer.

A cup of filtered coffee costs around 4€, but consider that Starbucks and other chains are even more expensive and the quality is not at all the same. Recommended!

gluten free copenhagen the coffee collective

Folk a Rock (Malmo)

During my trip to the Swedish Malmo, it was very cold so I looked for a cozy warm place where to eat. The restaurants were too expensive in my opinion, so I opted for what at a first glance looked like a music shop, but that is – also – a bar: Folk a Rock.

In the counter I found two different gluten free sweets – as usual, not separated from the rest of the glutinous ones. I chose one to take out and it turned out to be so good: a kind of caramelized rice crispies with chocolate and salted peanuts on top. My sweet tooth  was thankful!

For lunch, they offered me a huge salad with quinoa, mixed veggies, hummus, salmon and a fresh dill seasoning. And bam! You’re suddenly at Ikea. 😀 Well, I guess this is Swedish food (I love it, just to be clear). A very good salad, surely satisfying.

All this went with a hot apple green tea… for just a bit more than 10€, so I feel like recommending it.

gluten free malmo

Before leaving for this trip, I made a list of 15 gluten free Copenhagen places to visit… and you understand that, in 5 days, I couldn’t try all of them.

Here I will list the ones where I didn’t go and who knows, maybe you will and you’ll tell me something when you’re back.

Vita Boost
Nordic Noodle
Feelgood bakery
Slice of San Francisco
– the Irma supermarkets

In the end, what should I say? As you can see, on the contrary of what people think, it’s actually possible to eat cheap and gluten free in Copenhagen, and above all with an excellent ratio with the food quality – at least for what I could see!

If you are food lovers and travelers who are curious about the culinary side of your destination, than I absolutely suggest you to visit this beautiful Nordic city… you won’t be disappointed.

See also my suggestions on how to visit Copenhagen low cost!

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