100% gluten free restaurants in Bali: all of my delicious finds!

Finding restaurants in Bali that offer gluten free options is pretty easy – that’s why I consider it a gluten free heaven!

Most of the traditional Indonesian dishes are naturally gluten free, which makes things good enough already, but in places like Ubud or Canggu it gets even better. It’s very common to find menus with openly marked gluten free options – even bread, pizza or desserts! I can basically say that for me, gluten intolerant, it’s easier to eat out in Bali than in Italy! Who would’ve thought, right?

Sadly, celiac people have a harder life because of cross contamination – which doesn’t affect me (well, in the worst case scenario I get some digestive problems but it’s not the end of the world) but it’s dangerous for them.

Luckily, in the last months more and more 100% gluten free restaurants are opening in Bali! In this post I collect them all – and I will add new ones as soon as I find out about them, promised.

*last update: January 2019*

100% gluten free restaurants in Bali

100% gluten free restaurants in Canggu

I currently live in Canggu – and one of the main reasons why I love it is definitely the food scene. Lots of healthy-but-tasty food places, with colorful smoothie bowls, amazing breakfast toasts, delicious burgers and heavenly desserts.

Unfortunately, most of them are not dedicated to gluten free only so there might be cross contaminations issues. Of course you can make sure with the staff that they know how to handle the food you get, but at the same time I can’t include them on this list.

So the only 100% gluten free restaurant in Canggu I found by now… is not actually a restaurant!

glutenfree restaurants in bali made's banana flour co bakery canggu

It’s a bakery – Made’s Banana Flour Co., one of my favourite places in Canggu for sure. I wrote a whole blogpost about it for a reason, after all.

Everything in this bakery is made with banana flour – and everything is delicious. The products range from pastries to cakes, from bread to pasties… basically, you can find any baked good you could wish for. You can have all-day breakfast here, too: pancakes or waffles, avocado or French toast? Up to you!

Made’s Banana Flour Co. gluten free bakery has two locations in Canggu: one in Batu Bolong (the original) and one in Berawa. Now you can enjoy their celiac safe treats also at the cafes, located in Legian, Petitenget, Serangan and Ubud. Keep spreading the gluten free tastiness, Made, please!

100% gluten free restaurants in Ubud

I spent a couple of weeks in Ubud lately, and I will go back soon because there are still some foodplaces that I want to check out (this is not the only reason, of course).

I love all the healthy options that you can find there – I don’t love that much that most restaurants seem to be vegan… I love veggies, don’t get me wrong, and I respect everyone’s choices, but I need animal proteins for health reasons and it’s not that easy to find them in Ubud. Unless you eat local, of course, which is always a good choice.

But let’s go back to the main topic: 100% gluten free restaurants in Ubud. I was surprised to find out that they’re quite a lot, compared to Canggu! And not counting all the restaurants that offer gluten free options although they’re not 100% dedicated to it.

Let’s explore together, shall we?


I will contradict myself immediately with this, but Zest is 100% gluten free and plant based… and it’s one of my favourite restaurants in the whole island of Bali!

First of all, the location is amazing. The garden outside is a real Balinese one, and the inside is pretty much perfect: spacious, with design furniture, super comfy sofas and a view over the jungle.

But the main reason why I love it is absolutely the food: not only it’s 100% gluten free, but it’s also healthy and a kind of vegan that doesn’t seem vegan at all… and of course, it’s delicious! As soon as I found out about it, I went there every day: I had breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and even afternoon snacks there – all of them were beyond good.

My favourites? The grain-free pizza (L’aubergine and Roman Jack over the top) and the cacao ceremony – you don’t want to miss this creamy and guilt free delight, topped with whipped coconut cream.

This place is a must visit in Ubud: you’ll fall in love!

glutenfree restaurant in bali zest ubud

Ubud Glutenfree Kitchen

This is the first 100% gluten free restaurant in Ubud that I tried, a few months ago.

The location is super colorful, full of artworks (on sale!) and it features a small shop of gluten free goodies.
The menu is huge and includes dishes for any taste – even vegetarian and vegan ones, but meat is welcome too.

I loved my dinners there but I have to admit I didn’t appreciate the breakfast pancakes that much.

My favourites? The potato noodles with veggies, chicken and fried onion rings (super big portion and so tasty!) and the brownies – which are moist and very chocolaty.

The owner recently opened a new restaurant in Ubud – which I still haven’t visited: it’s called Gluten Free on Bisma and I surely will step by on my next trip there!

glutenfree restaurants in bali ubud glutenfree kitchen

Sawobali Sapodilla

This 100% gluten free restaurant is also 100% vegan and it offers an interesting formula for lunch: an all-you-can-eat buffet for just 50k rupias (around 3€)!

I’ve been there several times in the past: the location is nothing special (on a big road, and the eatery is pretty small), but the food is absolutely good.

Basically, you will be able to taste the vegan (and gluten free) version of all the main Indonesian dishes – including sate (skewers). Don’t miss the daily dessert – usually a fruity pudding!

They also sell cake slices – but beware: not all of them are gluten free! The “regular” ones are baked in a different facility, but they share the same counter: pay attention if you decide to get one of those.

glutenfree reestaurant in bali sawobali sapodilla

The Birds and the Bees

I went to the opening of this lovely restaurant in the center of Ubud. I knew it featured Made’s bakery products, but I was happily surprised to find out that the whole menu is gluten free!

I find the location absolutely adorable, thanks to the beautiful Balinese furniture with modern design, but I also like the food quite a lot!

I had the chance to taste a few tapas and canapés: they have both vegetarian and “omnivorous” dishes, including lettuce cups – that apparently are a thing here in Bali at the moment. I can say that the meatballs cups were pretty good for sure!

My other favourite was pizza: definitely not the traditional Italian-style one, but a tasty reinterpretation of it! The best part was the spicy tomato sauce… the Balinese touch!

glutenfree restaurants in bali the birds and the bees ubud

Skinni Pizza

This brand new place, owned by the same people of The Birds and the Bees, has a 100% gluten free menu thanks to the products of Made’s bakery.

You will recognize the location from afar: it’s characterized by bright pink four-poster sunbeds around a pool! The opening was quite a loud party, that made me think of a place suitable for club-lovers… but it will probably be quieter during daytime. The vibe is more Kuta-style than Ubud-style, and the prices are higher than the average (at least my average).

The menu is pretty rich – from breakfast to baguettes, from pasta to pizzas! There are also looots of cocktails but as you may know I prefer food over drinks…

I didn’t get to try the savory food, unfortunately, but I trust the quality since it comes from Made’s bakery. I did get a couple cream puffs and a slice of chocolate cake: they were delicious, as expected!

glutenfree restaurants in bali skinni pizza ubud menu

The Fussy Bird

I’ve never been to this small eatery, nested in Tirta Tawar – a street I love, surrounded by never ending ricefields.

It’s a 100% gluten free restaurant and it’s mainly vegetarian: the menu looks interesting, healthy and cheap (which is always a good upside) and I definitely want to try it when I go back to Ubud!

Made’s Cafe

Of course, as mentioned before, you can find Made’s 100% gluten free cafe in Ubud – specifically, in Sri Wedari.

They offer both sweet and savory foods, with all-day breakfast and tasty stuff like pizza and paninis! Well worth a visit for sure, if you’re in town…

This is my review of all the 100% gluten free restaurants in Bali: I’d be happy to know what you think when you go there – and if I missed something, let me know and I’ll add it to the list!

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